Side Glances


B/W-Photographs 1978-1983

With the early b/w photographs of the series “Seitenblicke” from 1978-1983, I am searching for an experience of the world beyond preconceived patterns of perception. I am not interested in a factual depiction of life worlds, but in intuitively grasping the relationships between people, objects and places in special moments that tell stories behind the surface of what is depicted.
On journeys to Holland, Italy, France, Corsica and Elba, as well as during stays in many German cities, I have always relied on chance in the act of photography, which has given me the opportunity to create images that I could not have thought up before. It became clear to me early on that the task of photography is not to illustrate thoughts, but that it can formulate its very own language,
detached from any clear conceptualisation. unambiguous terminology. With idiosyncratic angles and unusual perspectives, I remove situationally captured moments from a logical and linear narrative and thus create a free space for the viewer’s imagination.