Photowalls Neumarkt, Cologne

by Stefan Worring and Wolfgang Zurborn


Installation at the Neumarkt underground station in Cologne 1987

As one of the first photographic works in public space, the Neumarkt photo walls by Stefan Worring and Wolfgang Zurborn were installed in 1987 in the Neumarkt underground station designed by the architects P.u.U. Trint.

Reconstruction as light boxes 2004
Due to renovation measures, the original walls had to be removed first, but thanks to the conception of the architect Kay Trint, they could be reconstructed as light boxes.

This form of presentation heightens the effect of the photo collage in space. Fragmentary views of what is happening on Neumarkt, architectural details, street scenes, bodies and faces, come together to form an irritating pictorial puzzle that makes viewers reflect on their own living environment.