dressur real


With the book dressur real by Wolfgang Zurborn the J. Strauss Verlag in Potsdam launched a series on contemporary photography entitled Zeitsprung in May 2001.

Images from various series of the last 14 years are combined in an almost cinematic montage technique to form a complex narrative full of ironic breaks about everyday scenes in a world shaped by media myths.

dressur real
Wolfgang Zurborn
Editor: Klaus Honnef
Soft Cover, 30 x 24,5 cm,
80 pages, 73 color images
Zeit Sprung 2001
J. Strauss Publishing House, Potsdam

“…Wolfgang Zurborn with his workgroup “dressur real” puts this to the test and shows by photographic means that photography - no less than painting or digitalized images - represents, always and inevitably, a construction of the visibly Real in a twofold meaning of the word, irrespective of its indexical structure, i.e., the physical imprint of traces of what had once been.

The make-up of his pictures is correspondingly complex, on the level of their appearance as well as their formal abstraction. Simultaneously on these levels, other levels of varying origin additionally cross-connect, which are of different intensity, space and time, nature and culture, human and material world, signifier and signified. In part they network here, in part the different event levels seem to come about on their own, thanks to perspective, cut and lighting…”

by Klaus Honnef
from the introduction to the book dressur real




Solo exhibitions
2006 dressur real
Kulturhaus Osterfeld, Pforzheim, Germany
2005 dressur real
Prospekto Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2003 dressur real
Galerie Schulgasse 18, Eibelstadt, Germany
2003 dressur real
Galeria FF, Lodz, Poland
2003 dressur real
Dokument 03, BildensHus,, Sundsvall, Sweden
2002 dressur real
Galerie Coiffeur Burg, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
2002 dressur real
Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, Germany
2001 dressur real
Photography Now, Berlin, Germany
2001 dressur real
L'Usine Galerie, Brüssel, Belgium
2001 dressur real
6. Internationale Fototage, Herten, Germany
2001 dressur real
Schaden.com, Köln, Germany
2001 dressur real
Galerie Lichtblick, Köln, Germany
2000 dressur real
Monreal & Poppen, Art Consulting, Bonn, Germany
2000 dressur real
International Meetings of Photography, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Group exhibitions
2016 Space Veggies and Earth Plants
Rencontres d'Arles
Arles, France
2010 T.I.M.P.–Kunst im Etablissement
ehemaliges Hotel Timp, Köln, Germany
2010 Pixelprojekt Ruhrgebiet
Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen, Germany
2007 Mistigris – Contemporary German Photography
Gallery at University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, United States
2007 Back from Dallas
Galerie Lichtblick, Köln, Germany
2004 Von Körpern und anderen Dingen – Deutsche Fotografie im 20. Jahrhundert
Museum Bochum, Germany
2004 Best of 5
L’Usine Galerie, Brüssel, Belgium
2004 Von Körpern und anderen Dingen – Deutsche Fotografie im 20. Jahrhundert
The Museum Moscow House of Photography, Moskau, Russia
2003 Von Körpern und anderen Dingen - Deutsche Fotografie im 20. Jahrhundert
City Gallery, Prag, Czechia
2003 Von Körpern und anderen Dingen - Deutsche Fotografie im 20. Jahrhundert
Deutsches historisches Museum, Berlin, Germany
2002 VorOrt
Galerie der Künstler, München, Germany
2001 Split View
Projektraum M 54, Basel, Switzerland
2000 (in)realidados Encontros da Imagem
Braga, Portugal
2000 Ist die Photographie am Ende?
Aktuelle Photo- und Medienkunst
Internationale Ausstellung mit Symposion der DGPh, Halle, Germany
1997 Susanne Greven, Maix Mayer, Wolfgang Zurborn
Fotografische Arbeiten
f • m • schwarz galerie, Köln, Germany
1995 Heimatkunde
Fototage, Herten, Germany


Wolfgang Zurborn

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dressur real

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