Wolfgang Zurborn



Karma Driver

A photobook like a roller coaster drive into the vivid chaos of street life in the Indian megacities New Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

Buchveröffentlichung im Verlag des Fotohof Salzburg
Juli 2018

Buchcover Karma Driver

In all parts of the society I could see the traces of westernization and on the other side I could feel the deep routedness of the citizens in the traditional Indian culture. The often crazy contradictions in the urban sceneries are showing the permanent competition between the different value systems. Billboards, advertising campaigns, film- and election posters, fashion images are mixed together with omnipresent god idols and historical symbols in the cityscape.

The lust for all this attractions in everyday situations is permanently forcing changes in social life. Indian Culture is influenced by the spiritual idea of Karma and this effects, that every single action in life is very important and has consequences. By taking photographs I was driven by this catchable tension, looking for all the normally overseen details and not illustrating distant ideologies. My respectful view on this overwhelming, mesmerizing and also sometimes irritating world is also meant as a statement of tolerance for different ways of life and religions.

o.T., New Delhi 2013, aus dem Buch Karma Driver

My challenge of the encounter with the unfamiliar world of Indian megacities is to create an individual picture language, which not keep the unknown in the realm of the exotic, but which discovers the nearness in the strange. The image of India in the international media world is dominated by colorful clichés of happiness or dramatic journalistic visions of disasters. My vision is more literary, influenced by the magic realism of Indian writing, such as by Salman Rushdie. Only a many-layered imagery full of unexpected discoveries and surprises can express my various feelings during the adventure of Indian everyday life.

In the book Karma Driver I am combining two different styles of photography. Vertical fragmentary views on urban spaces and objects were put together on the double pages to collage-like picture constellations. The enigmatic visual dialogue is creating an aesthetic ambivalence between harmony and confrontation. The spectator has the freedom to find own interpretations for the culture clash of eastern and western values. Another layer in the sequencing of photographic images are horizontal street photographs, focussing in a straight and at once subtle way on the condition of human life in the cities pf contemporary India.

Doppelseite, aus dem Buch Karma Driver

The book Karma Driver contains a separate booklet with the texts:
Heinrich Robert Zimmer Etarnal India: Leitmotives of Indian Existence, Zürich 1930
Nimisha Misra My Hindi Medium Father, Mumbai 2017

"The depth of mythical thinking originates from the necessary paradox of its imagery because the actuality of life, which comes into consciousness in it, is illogical, full of contradiction.."
(From the text by Heinrich Robert Zimmer)

Informations about the book:
93 colour photographs by Wolfgang Zurborn
Texts by Heinrich Robert Zimmer and Nimisha Misra
Publishing house: FOTOHOF edition
Editor: Richard Reisen
Design: Heine/Lenz/Zizka, Berlin/Frankfurt
Lithography and print production: Richard Reisen
Printing and binding: Daneels Graphic Group, Belgium
Soft cover, 18x24 cm, Edition: 1000
ISBN 978-3-902993-63-2
Price: 29 Euro

o.T., New Delhi 2013, aus dem Buch Karma Driver







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